Welcome to Rotary Club of Rajkot Midtown
Welcome to Rotary Club of Rajkot Midtown
Welcome to Rotary Club of Rajkot Midtown
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  Monthly Activity Report
Report: November, 2005 02 December


3) Medical camp:
• A camp for diabetic patients was organised on 27th November.
• 223 patients took advantage
• World famous Diabetologist Dr Suresh Mehtalia from Mumbai and two Physician rendered their free service
• All patients' blood sugar report and ECG were done free and special reports for diabetes were done at 70%
  discounted rates
• Free guidance on YOGA, Pranayam and other exercises which are helpful in diabetes
• All patients and their relatives were given a delicious breakfast after an hour and a half of exercise, yoga and   pranayam session
• Dr Suresh Mehtalia gave an interactive talk on Diabetes and lifestyle
• Dietician Preetiben Dave talked on various aspects of diet related to diabetes
• Dr Suresh Mehtalia, Dr Chirag Matravadia and Dr Pratap Jethvani examined all patients
• All patients were given free medicines
• 25 Rotarians rendered their services and extended their friendship

7) Any Additional Programme / Project covered under District Goals

RCRM's "Ear Clinic" at Khera Boarding premises helps many needy patients. 32 patients took benefit this month. Three Eminent Otologists render their free service.

DG Ashis and AG Bhuvanesh visited this clinic on their official visit

This clinic is a permanent community project of our club. This center has become well known among the Rajkot community.

Approx 1429 members have been registered, and the number is still growing steadily. 28 new members added this month.

25 to 30 patients daily take the benefit of this clinic. 400 patients take benefit of the pathology laboratory every month.

Facilities at Diabetic Clinic
• Nos. of camps in a year: 6, one of its kind held on 27th November
• Nos. of consultants giving services: 10 which includes Physicians, Diabetic foot specialist surgeon, an ophthalmologist   (Eye Surgeon), a dermatologist (Skin specialist) and a nephrologist (Kidney specialist)
• Regular diagnostic facility
• Medical treatment
• Blood checkup and Cardiogram at a concessional rates
• Health Guidance on Audio Visual Presentations
• Medicine at very subsidized rate
• Yoga and informative "shibir" related to diabetes are offered to the diabetic patients
• Diet education by a penal of dieticians

This is also our, another permanent community project. A large number of patients are visiting this clinic daily for dental treatment and dentures. Our club provides free Dentures and other treatment at very subsides rate.

Some Facts and Facilities of Dental Clinic
• 436 Patients examined, diagnosed and treated this month
• 2 full time Dentist, an Oral and Faciomaxillary surgeon, a cosmetic dental surgeon and an orthodontist render
   their services
• X-Ray Facility
• 50 Free Dentures annually
• Patients examined and treated free on every Wednesday

This also is our, permanent community project. 2831 patient took advantage of this centre this month.

Some Facts and Facilities of Midtown Medial Center
• General Hospital.
• Dental Clinic
• X-Ray Facility.
• Ultra-Sonography Facility.
• Eye Clinic
• Pathology Laboratory
• Minor Surgery Theater
• Women's Vocational training facility.
• Toy Library.
• Emergency Ambulance.

20 patients take treatment everyday. At least 3-4 emergency patients are being treated.

Some Facts and Facilities of Rotary Midtown Rehab Hospital
• General Hospital.
• Dental Clinic
• X-Ray Facility.
• Pathology Laboratory
• Minor Surgery Room

It is situated 15 Kms. away from Rajkot city.

Some Facts and Facilities at RCC Tramba
• A Medical Center with X-Ray facility
• 5 consultants visit everyday which includes a physician, a surgeon, an orthopaedic surgeon and an ENT surgeon
• Pathology Laboratory
• It also has a Permanent sewing machine class for women welfare
• Toy Library for small, poor kids of the village
• Every child is provided with nutritious snacks daily that come to this toy library

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