Welcome to Rotary Club of Rajkot Midtown
Welcome to Rotary Club of Rajkot Midtown
Welcome to Rotary Club of Rajkot Midtown
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Rotary Club of Rajkot Midtown Rotary Club of Rajkot Midtown
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Rotary Club of Rajkot Midtown
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  Rotary Friendship Exchange between R.I. Dist 9790 of Australia & R.I. Dist.3060 of India  
Rotary Club of Rajkot MidtownRotary Club of Rajkot Midtown
The group of Six Rotarian couples included Llew and Janiene Sandford (team leaders), Ray and Dorothy Worden, Geoff and Jennifer Kennedy (after trekking in Nepal), Noel and Barbara Cochrane, Stuart and Jeanette Davidson and Laurie and Ann Fagan.

In the words of Stuart Davidson & laurie Fagan- team members

Much discussion took place during this time about the 2 hour trip from the Mumbai airport to the Hotel, traffic and driving conditions, and the number of people (18 million), cattle, cars, motor bikes and tuk-tuks.

We were met by Deepak Agrawal (RFE Co-ordinator R.I. Dist.3060 India) very early on the morning of the 8th to catch the train to Bharuch, our first host club.

On arrival we briefly met our hosts before being taken to the District Conference for lunch and later we presented to the Conference.

Team Leader Llew introduced all team members, each of whom gave a brief outline of their own club and local area background.

During the two week period of the Exchange we were hosted by the following clubs – Bharuch, Vapi, Surat, Baroda, Nadiad and Rajkot Midtown.

Because we were home hosted we were able to see India at “the grass roots level” and not merely as tourists.

Throughout the Exchange the Clubs involved and our hosts gave an exceptional amount of time and effort to ensure that we were more than comfortable and that we would leave India richer for the experience and with great memories.

Team members commented on numerous occasions about the number and size of projects and the passion with which the Rotarians addressed the obvious responsibility they felt towards improving the lot of the vast number of less fortunate Indians throughout their district.

Some of the very impressive projects were
an eco-friendly and low or zero cost (to the families) Crematorium (Ankleshwar)
traffic roundabout and public toilet block (Bharuch)
low cost housing with associated sponsorship of small industry- basket weaving from bamboo (Vapi)
a world class cardiac hospital controlled by Rotarians (Surat)
the construction of a toilet block at a primary school- the first of a number (Nadiad)
the development of a low cost housing centre to relocate earthquake victims and to provide them with schooling, employment and medical services (Rajkot Midtown)
a Rotary 3060 Doll’s Museum, a teaching facility for the students of the city (Rajkot Midtown)
associated with vocational training in a variety of areas ranging from crafts to medical. Most clubs are heavily involved and see this as a means of directly helping many people.
In addition to visiting the above projects our hosts proudly showed the team a range of industries of various sizes which highlighted the skills of the people, and the recognition of the role of industry in the future of India.

Such visits included a diamond cutting factory, textile dying factory, a sugar processing plant, a peanut oil processing plant and the Amul Dairy Corporation.

Culturally, we were able to visit a number of temples as religion is a key facet in the lives of all Indians; to frequently pay homage to the holy cow; to experience artisans at work, often in their homes; to enjoy the great variety of spicy food (although we learned to be very careful); to marvel at the colors of India and to wonder at the very amiable nature of the people no matter their circumstances.

This was a most rewarding experience in a country which is quite different to our own in so many ways.

The sheer weight of numbers presents problems for governments at all levels but creates opportunities for others to make a difference.

The Rotary Clubs of D 3060 have certainly taken up the challenge with a passion and do encourage other clubs of Rotary International to support them

It was a magnificent Exchange full of rich experiences.

All team members are very appreciative of the opportunity they were given to “taste” another culture and for this we must thank all Rotarians and host families both in India and Australia for making this possible.

  Rotary Club of Rajkot Midtown  
  RFE Couples of R.I. Dist 9790 in R.I. Dist 3060 India
This program is a perfect example of internationality of Rotary.
Thank you Rotary for Friends
1 Report compiled by RFE Chair R.I. Dist. 3060
Deepak Agrawal
Member RC of Rajkot Midtown, contact; info@banglesinddia.com

Rotary Club of Rajkot Midtown
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